Hints for OET Speaking Test for Nurses

There are many healthcare professionals who appear for the OET test instead of IELTS to be a healthcare professional in order to work in Australia Seek Academy provides OET training in Delhi. Seeing its advantages many healthcare professionals have more advantages over IELTS because mostly they could easily relate to the language used in their profession rather than only focusing on the English language.

The speaking test in OET relates to the day to day conversations which nurses often carry on in their professions. The conversation is based on the role plays which generally are between patients and the nurse or could be the caretaker of the patient or it could be to the caretaker at the reformation center where the patient is being recommended.

OET Speaking Test: Seek Academy
OET Speaking Test: Seek Academy

1. The beginning of the test is 2 minutes warm-up session which is not assessed as such. This part of the conversation is equally important during the entire conversation. It gives you a chance to relax a bit to see what the interviewer is like and try to establish a rapport with the interviewer.

You would be asked by the examiner about the details to confirm that you are the right candidate appearing for the exam. You might be asked questions to of why you are planning to shift to another country.

These are some question types which are generally asked to make the candidates comfortable and prepare for the next round of the session. You must try to avoid single word answers. For example, Interviewer: can you tell me where you from are?

2.  The OET speaking test is assessing how good the candidate is at maintaining a       conversation. Of course, some questions need to be closed questions.

3. Getting into the role plays

You will have a few minutes to read the role-play cards before you start. If you are uncertain about something you must ask it before you start the role play. Usually, there are two issues to be discussed in the role play could be between a nurse and a teenage person discussing certain treatment or precautions.

Take the notes of the task and then write at least 4-5 points to be discussed at the time of the interview. You will generally have to explain a disease or disorder that the patient is presented with.aim speaks at least 2-3 sentences.

4. Starting the role play

The interviewer might try to derail you and get you off the topic. If this happens, have some strategies ready to encounter such a situation.

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